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Ensuring Value for Money

How would it be if you had a procurement partner to help you identify and deliver the right solution at the right price: someone who is genuinely focused on your pupils rather than just their profit margins? Whether from bid level or by working alongside you to manage your existing IT provider relationships, Gridserve will assist you in ensuring value for money every step of the way.

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IT Procurement and Provision

You want a procurement partner to bring you knowledge and industry insight. You do not want to be rail-roaded by suppliers who want to sell you more than you need just to hit their sales targets. As your chosen partner Gridserve can work with you all the way from Invitation to Tender through bid management, helping you select and source the products you need from a large partnership network of vendors and distributors.

Existing Partner Assesment

Gridserve is not in the business of fixing things that aren’t broken. Where your existing partnerships are working well Gridserve will assess your partner offerings and work with you to ensure they continue to add value for your users.