London Grid for Learning, “Let’s get Digital!”

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Gridserve had the pleasure of attending the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) “Let’s get Digital” event on March 29th 2019. After a prompt registration at 8:30, everyone gathered in the main hall to be welcomed by David Smith, Senior Inspector for LGfL.

John Jackson, CEO at LGfL, giving an introduction to London Grid for Learning’s “Let’s Get Digital” event!

The room was filled to the brim with almost 400 like-minded individuals who share our same passion for education. After an early start, everyone was raring to go and keen to ‘Get Digital.’ By 09:30 John Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of LGfL, was already introducing special guest speakers! For example, Tatiana Arventi of Microsoft, Ben Forta of Adobe and Jeminatu Alabi-Isama of Google.

Microsoft’s Tatiana Arventi.

Managing Director, James Meek, and Chief Technical Officer, Paul Claydon, both agreed that the conference was as enlightening as it was interesting! Despite specialising in IT services and “all-things-internet”, we managed to update our intel and develop our existing knowledge of IT.

Dr Victoria Baines’ speech on Virtual Reality and Safety really opened our eyes on how our data was being collected and used without our knowledge. Her extensive background in cybersecurity and internet governance at Facebook makes her a reliable spokesperson.

Later, we were joined by John Jackson for a final time. Jackson revealed LGfL’s plans for their future in the education industry. The ambition and dedication presented by LGfL was infectious, and you could see it spread throughout the room.

After working alongside LGfL at a number of schools, we’ve seen firsthand evidence of their ethics in action. We are proud to announce that we are the latest partners of London Grid for Learning! We look forward to working together on future projects and delivering a reputable service with them.